Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We are

I am delusional.
To think that maybe,
 you wanted to be close,
that maybe,
we could be friends.
too understand each other.
instead you play a cruel joke.
Thinking your intentions.
honest and true.

I thought we would discover the world,
To learn about the people,
who live within it.
I thought maybe,
you would know me,
the way i wished to know you.

But no.

Your mind is closed,
your heart still locked.
To dumb to discover.
The world is full of amazing,
unique, individuals.

We Breathe,
We eat,
We love,
We care too much.
We like to speak
and be seen.

But you don't want to know.
 just like the others,
Who judge without really knowing.
That I.
And the ones who are like me.
We are Just like you
we are.....

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