Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekend Drama

When i was in the kitchen Saturday morning getting myself a cup of tea, When i noticed i could hear a dripping sound. To begin with i thought it was the fridge freezer. I thought " don't tell me i need to call them out already for the fridge " as i have only had it for a couple of months. I listened to the fridge and it wasn't coming from there. I listened to the cooker, No, not there. Then i looked at the fake box wall by the sink, Its where i pipes are blocked in. I put my ear against it and listened.

Drip, Drip, Drip..   ohhh My pipes are leaking. There isn't not water on my floor but then i thought the neighbour down below mite have a flood, I'm sure the pipes run down there, In face I'm sure these pipes run through the whole building.

I went in the lounge and got the number for the outer hours number for the council.
In the end they came out about three times in the day, They were trying to find out where the leak was coming from.  And yes the pipes do run right through the building.
Apparently there was a blocked drain at the top of the building and it has just filters down through the flat's, In the late afternoon they had find the problem and said someone was coming to fix it, It was a flat upstairs.

 Meanwhile while my ceiling in the kitchen has started too leak and i had to get buckets out to collect the water, also water started to come into the cupboard under the sink so i had to keep mopping that up. I was hoping that everything was going to calm down after this. How wrong was i.

Nine o'clock on the night I'm watching TV, when i hear a noise, I put the TV on mute to listen.  The council were upstairs unblocking the neighbours drain, My sink started making bubbling noises, Oh no....... They are going to cause i flood down here.  Then the sound i was dreading " splash."  "what was that" i thought to myself, i knew what it was but nothing prepared me for the site that awaited me..

I went up stairs to look for the plumber and  Thank God i found him on the sixth floor. I told him what had happened. He did come down and sort of cleaned it. He said he would get the environmental health to come and clean it the next day....

The next day i phoned up and i was told that they don't work the weekend. There was no way i was waiting all weekend to get it cleaned up,so I ended up cleaning it myself.....
My MOM bless her came to help me. It a good  things i wasn't working that day because it took a good few hours to clean.

Thank God that it is over now.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

If We Knew

In life we make our choices,
Sometimes good.
Sometimes bad.
The bad ones
cause our unhappiness.
So why do we always
choose them, over the good.
I sometimes wish things were simple.
Where no one ever get hurts,
Where there is no sorrow or pain.
Where no one would ever
 Leave you to stand
Alone in the rain.
The bad choices
We make cause this pain.
But yet we make them
Time and Time again.
If we could see into the future.
To see it clear and plain,
Right there in all it's shame.
Would we make those same choices,
Or would we try and change them.
Would we come to our senses
and walk away.
Or do we unconsciously enjoy the pain,
Maybe we feel we deserve it.
Would we choose to suffer
Even thou we know
 The end game.