Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ibrahim At Seven months

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of developments.

Ibrahim has taken really well to the weaning, He is having almost three meals a day, which he seems to be enjoying. However he is still pretty much having breast milk all night and with me going back to work its a little bit difficult.
I am hoping has his food intake increases it should get easier.

Other developments

Ibrahim has has his first two teeth come through over the last two weeks, Which is really exciting. Also he Is trying to learn to crawl. Iv recorded him trying to get on his knees.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Religion. My history

This is my first post on this subject "before and after Islam" I thought i would start with my religious history. I hope don't offend anyone but if i do, its not my intention.

Religion is not normally a subject i wish to delve into, Especially when mine is the most hated religion on the planet. Its a shame because its not the religion that's bad its the people that follow it. Like someone said to me once. "Islam is perfect, but Muslims are not."

I would say;

"God is perfect, but humans are not."
And i say this because that is the case in all religions, there are people from all faiths that want to twist things, by making things extreme and ugly.
I think most people have at least one or two beliefs that some people wouldn't agree with and may even be angered by, even if it has nothing to do with religion.
As you know i haven't always been a Muslim in fact i have only been Muslim for six years. My life is very different from how it was back then, but that is another subject which i will talk about later.

I was bought up as a Jehovah's witness until i was eight years old. I remember going around peoples houses and seeing the negative reaction my mom used to get from people. I didn't understand at the time why people were so upset. I always thought we were on a mission to save people from them selves. The truth is, most people don't want to be saved or even believe they need to be saved.
And its as true today as it was back then.. People don't want to hear the word God. As soon as you mention the word most people shut down. The same way I shut down when a Christan mentions Jesus as i don't believe he is Divine. even though i do believe he was one of the greatest men to ever walk the earth.

After we stopped going to the Kingdom ( that's where the Jehovah witnesses pray) There wasn't really that much in the way of faith in our house even thou mom did occasionally spoke about God, it wasn't really a subject we would go into in depth. The reason's as to why we stopped going to the kingdom i am not fully aware of all the details, But i guess mom probably came to her senses.

As i got older and started my teen years i began to get a disliking for religion, Not just Christianity but all religion and in particular I developed a strong disliking for Islam. I'm not sure where it seamed from but I am ashamed to say it, but i think i was a little bit racists. I saw girls who went out with Asian men and all i heard were stories of them being beaten up and treated badly. I know now that not all Asian men are like this. But this was the perception i got of them.

Don't get me wrong i did believe in God i just didn't believe in religion. I thought it was a way for men to keep everyone in line.
I remember at school i hated Religious education. me and one of my friend used to terrorise the RE teacher by putting the devil sign all over his black board. He had one of those black boards that used to roll down so when he would go to use it, they would all come up. After a while he started to lock his door at break times so we couldn't get in there.

When i was secondary school i got into star signs and the supernatural, which fascinated me. A few years after these interested started i got into finding out the meanings of dreams which later lead me towards becoming a pagan in my late teens.
I was pagan a good few years. It suited me at the time as it seemed simple. The only rule, don't do anything that hurts you or other people, As simple as that. The truth is i didn't know what i was following, I only really got into it because i was into the supernatural and the unknown. It wasn't like other religions where you had to follow certain rituals and that suited me fine. After Paganism came Islam, there is a whole story leading up to that, lets just say my life started to spieling out of control.

Hope you enjoyed this first entry, let me know what you thought.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Progress (Exercise and diet)

Progress has been slower then i would like, but it can't be helped when you keep getting sick. And since i started this journey three months ago i have been sick a number of times. Each time this has slowed things down because I'm having to work twice as hard to catch up.
 I do feel maybe this is part of the reason why i keep getting ill as i maybe pushing my body to hard. But when i am actually exercising it doesn't feel like i am and i want to work harder. I especially love it when I'm in the gym on Wednesday cause us girls all encourage each other and i love it, This is where i get my motivation and inspiration.
I do see a pattern with my diet thou, If i slip and have a few bad days where I'm not really eating what i should, I start to feel like the way I'm eating. Like crap... And it is true and I'm starting to see the pattern. This is an area i need to improve on. keep diet as clean and healthy as possible and make sure i drink enough water throughout the day.
At the moment i what to focus on building up my strength and muscle, Even thou i am trying to lower my body fat as well its not my main concern at the moment.

My main goal at the moment is to lift my own body weight, which is about 60kg. iv decreased from 50kg to 45kg in two months which means it could take well over a year to reach my goal.
To keep me self motivated i thought i would set my self some other goals.

The other day i was working out at home. i was wondering what i could do as a quick five minute warm up.... The answer....BURPEES.
WOW, that is all i can say. They, are, solid. I mite be giving away how little stamina i have, But struggled to do 15.
So my first new goal is to increase my BURPEES. In the next few months i want to increase my burpees to maybe 20 and see where we go from there.
My second Goal is simple. When i started my exercise journey i couldn't do one single male push up, in fact i fell on my face lol.... But now i can do five and i am so chuffed, but that is not enough i want to do more than that. I want to increase to ten.
Increase Burpees (20)
Increase male push ups. (10)

My Progress

I have just increase my squats and lunges from 14kg to 15kg, and i hoping i can quickly increase again in the next week to 16kg.
My upper body I'm lifting 7kg each side. I am Still struggling with them but at least I'm completing the reps now. Maybe it will be a couple of weeks before i can increase on them. But we will see.
My biggest increase is on the one armed dumbbell row. Iv gone from 7kg to 10kg because it was way too easy. I  really need to work on my form because I'm sure my shoulder's wasn't back properly. I'm going to book a one to one at my local gym.
My triceps dips are getting easier and i can complete the three sets now, which is good.


I need to drink more water and have my snacks.  It sound stupid but i keep forgetting, because of being busy with the kids before i know it, its already lunch time. I think i need to be more organised.

lets see what the next few weeks bring.