Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ibrahim Four months old

This Ibrahim and Abdu sat together, They both look so big.

I cant believe Ibrahim is four months already.

A couple of days ago he rolled over for the first time. His trying to sit up by himself at the moment ,So it may not be long before he is able to sit by himself god willing.

 Here are some pictures of him playing with his Nuby toy.

He is also teething at the moment so his gums are driving him mad.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Exercise Diary (splitting days)

I'm thinking about splitting up my body to give me a chance to heal. I don't know which way to do it and how many days. I'm either going to do three days or four days. At the moment I'm exercising every other day 

The only day i could get to the gym is on a Wednesday to do the lower body as there isn't much i can do at home. So if i do the four days, i will have the week Sunday to Saturday.

Upper and Lower 

upper body

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Triceps

lower body

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Lower Back
  • Abs
The 4 Day Upper/Lower Split
  1. Sunday: Upper Body Workout
  2. Monday: Lower Body Workout
  3. Tuesday: off
  4. Wednesday: Upper Body Workout
  5. Thursday: Lower Body Workout
  6. Friday: off
  7. Saturday:off

The 3 Day Upper/Lower Split

Week 1
  1. Monday: Upper Body Workout
  2. Tuesday: off
  3. Wednesday: Lower Body Workout
  4. Thursday: off
  5. Friday: Upper Body Workout
  6. Saturday: off
  7. Sunday: off
Week 2
  1. Monday: Lower Body Workout
  2. Tuesday: off
  3. Wednesday:  Lower Body Workout
  4. Thursday: off
  5. Friday: Upper Body Workout
  6. Saturday: off
  7. Sunday: off
Plan for the moment is to sort out routine's and which split i'm going to do.  I am also looking into planning my meals ahead so i know what i'm doing. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Exercise Diary (introduction)

I have decided to keep an exercise diary to keep track of what I'm doing and to see how i can improve. You can so tell how new i am to this. I am exercising to increase my strength, to tone up and improve my well being , my goal is to lift my own weight.
I haven't got a clue what i'm doing but i'm learning as i go along. Maybe this will inspire other people to start exercising, maybe it won't.
I think i will only update once a month, i will see how it goes.

I WILL Happy for help and advice. :) so please write comments.

week 1


20 push ups (easy version)x2
20 triceps dips


20 squats (1.5kg each side) 
20 static lunges (1.5kg each side)


side plank 10 each side (easy version)
The plank 3 set 10 seconds x2

Hula hoop 10 minutes



25 push ups (easy version)x2
25 triceps dips
20 triceps extensions  (with a 3kg dumb bell)
20 arm extensions 1.5kg each side


20 squats (1.5kg each side) 
20 static lunges (1.5kg each side)
20 saddlebag buster (each side) I do five then hold for 5 seconds


side plank 10 each side 
The plank 3 set 20 seconds x2
upper body rotation (to be introduced)

superwomen 5 times hold for 10 seconds

20 bum raises 

Next time hopefully gw
Plan for the next few weeks is to increase the weights and find other exercises that i can do with weights to increase my strength. After the holidays i want to start swimming once a week.

Friday, 20 December 2013

spinach scrambled omelette

I felt experimental the other day and come up with this.


3 eggs,
1 tinned mackerel 
1 Hand full of spinach
half an onion.
pinch of salt and pepper
1/2 tea spoon of garlic powder.

drain the mackerel. but in a bowl with eggs.

crop the onion and spinach.
at them and the salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Spray frying pan with olive oil spray
fry until cooked
and there you have it spinach scrambled omelette

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Looking for love. 5 common mistakes.

Why do people find it so hard to find love. Is it because they are looking for the wrong thing. Most people say they are looking for love. But really, what are they looking for?

I'm not an expert but this is what i think

Five common mistakes when looking for love;

1; Getting love confused with lust.

Most people say they are looking for look when really they are looking for ever lasting lust. They want that excitement of a new relationship to stay and when it doesn't they move on thinking that excitement is love. That's not love, Its lust. Lust will never last doesn't matter who you are with, In the end the lust will go and the excitement seeker get bored and move on.

2: Wanting perfection

Perfection, Wanting that perfect person. someone with no bad habits, no bad traits, someone who will always be beauty, never gets fat,  never gets winkles, never ages.
Really I'm serious, some people do.. Some people are looking for someone to be perfect without any defects. We are all human and none of us are perfect you have to take the good with the bad. Everyone on the planet with have traits and habits that we don't like. Mr/Mrs perfect Don't exist

3;  wanting a relationship with no problems

Things will never run smoothly. Everyone one has problems from time to time. debt, illness, disagreements, family issues. There are loads of problems that can crop up. To except a relationship to never have problems is just not possible. Things are forever changing and so are people. sometimes you have to learn to grow with each other.

4;  what we say we want and what we actually get.

There are those people who say what they want, when in reality, they go for the opposite. if you say you like someone to have certain characteristic, maybe they should look for that And make sure that person fits the bill before rushing in.

5;  looking in the wrong place.

Some do find love in a night club. But let's face it nine times out of ten people are looking for a one night stand in a night club. Maybe it not the best place to look

hope you enjoyed reading.