Friday, 15 November 2013

Breastfeeding (the second time round)

Breastfeeding the second time round:

When I gave birth to Ibrahim Three months ago I was so nervous about breastfeeding, wondering whether he was going to latch or not. When i had Abdu (My older son) he didn't want to be breastfeed and i tried on many different occasions to feed him from the breast but, he just didn't want it. the way he acting anyone would think i was trying to give him poison.
Anyway to cut a long story short i ended up expressing milk for him for the first four months and then gave him formula as i was completely knackered.

When i gave birth to Ibrahim, the thought of having a  another child who didn't want to be breastfeed overwhelmed me, as breastfeeding my children was one of the things i really wanted to do.

 The midwife but Ibrahim in my arms, He looked so perfect looking up at me. I thought to myself he mite be hungry so i lay him on my skin as this is what they advise. then i put my nipple on his nose so his mouth would open, which he did, as he did this i quick put my nipple in his mouth. I held my breathe to see if he would latch...... i couldn't believe it, he did it. he latched on like he had been feeding for months. i breathed a sigh of relief.

The first few days;
 As the first few day past i found the breastfeeding increasingly painful, not because he wasn't latching properly but because my nipples wasn't used to it.
By the third day i found it unbearable as he was feeding two to three hours at a time.
I think part of the reason was because my milk was coming in and my boobs were engorged, which made things even more uncomfortable. At this point i started to express my milk and save it for bottles to give my boobs a rest. I found that the expressing wasn't as painful as the breastfeeding and it helped to relieve the  discomfort of the swelling.
That night on the third day i was in tears saying " Id rather give birth again" it was so painful if brought tears to my eye's. That when i started to give him a bottle every other feed until my boobs got used to the beast feeding. I also started to put nipple cream on my boobs twice a day. Iv been using mothercare nipple cream as you don't need to wash you nipples before to feed baby.

The next day after my bad night i found that my nipples wasn't as painful which was a relief.
Its been three months now and things are going well. I am really enjoying the breastfeeding this time round and i am enjoying the bond with Ibrahim.
Before i gave birth i read a book on breastfeeding to help me which i found really good.

If you find that your child doesn't want to breastfeed don't be too disheartened by it, it not the end of the world. i know its easier said then done, i know when Abdu didn't want to breastfeed i was heartbroken i felt was though he had rejected me. His almost three years old now and having the bottle didn't harm him. he is perfectly healthy.
I love to hear other moms stories so please share.