Wednesday, 26 June 2013

pregnancy no.2

It is official, i have only one week left at work before i go on maternity for another year. I am 34 weeks which means i only have six weeks left. I actually cant believe how quickly it went this time round. When i was pregnant which Abdu, i seemed to be pregnant forever.
This pregnancy has been easy thank god, i havent  really had any problems.The other day i called out the paramedics as i had pain in the one side of my stomach. they didn't find anything wrong which was good. I told the midwife the next day when I went to see her, She said it mite have been because he is lying on that one side, which mite be causing me to stretch more on the one side.
Abdu, my son, knows his having a little brother. im not quite sure how he feels about it. some days his sounds excited and other days he pretends there isn't a baby there. I think he mite have mixed feeling. I nervous about having another baby with Abdu, as I don't want him to feel left out, which can very easiely happen when you have a new born to look after.
What I plan to do is try to involve him in helping with the baby and try and spend time with him when the baby is asleep.
I am scared of the labour, but I am hoping to do it with just gas and air this time, last time a had a epidural as I was so tired. ( I was in labour for three days) but we will see what happens god willing
I also don't want to neglete my husband either as I know they can feel left out as well. lol.
anyway going for now.