Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have started to make some changes in my life,hopefully by the will of God for the better. As you can see i have changed the name of my blog and my description.

 I hope that i can write deeper thinking blogs in the future and share my feeling more freely. If you have read my other blogs you can see i am not very good at putting my feeling in writing. i don't know if you  know this but i have deslexia. most of my school life the teachers made me believe that i was stupid and couldn't do anything right.  It wasn't until i was in secondary school where my English teacher first spotted i had dyslexia... I was so happy that it had been spotted because it meant i wasn't stupid after all. When people put you down all the time you start to believe it... I would like to thank my teacher one day because of her, i found love English once again where before i had hated it and with her help and God i got a C in my gcse where before it wouldn't have been possible.
The changes i have started to put in place for the future will hopefully change things for the better.

For the moment... ITS a secret