Thursday, 29 December 2011

december 2011

Yesaday abdu turned 13 months old, i cant believe how fast it gone.

abdu had been walking since he was 10 months old. although he was very wonky for a while, he is just about getting steady now mashalah

He has got four teeth, two growing and i think two more on the way. We have been brushing his teeth since he had his first two teeth...
we top...bottom and then we give abdu the tooth brush to have a go... abdu loves it.

He is always trying to conmunicate with us. mashallah, i just pretend i understand so he doesnt get stressed, even though he sometimes does.... but understandable.

He is getting taller and is growing out of his clothes fast mashallah.  He is going to get his year injection on the 3rd insha allah. poor little thing ( i dont think the kids had that many injections when i was little) now they use them as pin cuhsion's....

anyway talk soon insha allah