Friday, 30 September 2011

The Last day of September

What a beautiful day...... the weather is fab...mashallah
I just spent the afternoon relaxing in my moms garden. I just worked six days in a row and im so glad i have got the weekend off.
here are some pictures while i was relaxing with ittle abdu

I think the flowers look great this year

my mom took this photo

This weekend is supposed to be good as well insha allah

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Eid

My hubby got a new phone and i was looking to see what the video quality is like.Actually i thik it is quite good mashallah.

Anyway back to the subject....As you know eid was a couple of days ago.. I was very excited because it was Abdu's first eid so i was on a high.... Things didnt quite go to plan subhanallah...
I didnt go to the eid prayer until 9;30 and i ended up rushing as the bus was going slow, so i had to half jog to get to the mosque in time.

 Alhamduliah they were running late so we ended up waiting abit before the pray started.... Abdu looked really cute in his thobe was a little bit to big for him, but it will fit him next year insha allah

When we were prayer Abdu decied he wanted to play with one of the little girls..i wouldnt mind but his not gentle mashallah, he is a strong and i was worried he was going to hurt her by accident.. alhamduliah

Anyway after the mosque we went to My mommys house so he could open his present from his nanny..

We spent some time at moms then we went to a neighbours house to eat and spend some time.... the little girl called baby sai loves abdu to bits mashallah.  She wanted to mother him mashallah

Anyway i ended staying a while and when we went to go back home  we realised that we had locked the keys in the flat...In the end we got my brother Ronald to break in, I dont think we will be doing that again in a while.... Abdu didnt open his presents until the next day as it was so late by the time we got home........

So he opened them the next day(,I was going to up load a video here but it took too long i will try again later insha allah

 I was planning to take him to the Eid party at green lane but before i knew it, t was aready two oclock,so we didnt go in the end. but alhamduliah, maybe next year insha allah... Today is thursday and i have planned to take abdu to visit one of his Aunties (in islam) it should be an good evening insha allah..

From now on I am going to make a big fuss about eid For abdu's benefit because i dont want him to feel left out when the non-muslims celebrate Christmas, I can tell him that Eid is our Special day...And i will tell him that we dont celebrate christmas because we dont have the same beliefs as the non-muslim's. Insha allah