Thursday, 25 August 2011

Were getting to the end

We are getting to the end of Ramadan.. Its the time of year when we look at our selves to see what we can do to become better people....
Also its a time for changes....Im looking into finding a new job at some point, I am not happy at work and i dont want to be there anymore.

What to do, What to do.

The thing i havent got a clue what to do, i am going to be looking for the next few months and see what i can do insha allah.
I also need to set my self targets to be a better person.#

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Back to work


Monday i was sopposed to be back at work but i ended up phoning in sick as my little boy wasnt very well, i cant just dump him when he is ill exspecially when his not well.....
anyway i phoned in sick and took him to the doctors. The doctor comfirmed that both of his ears were inflamed

She gave be paracetermol and ibruaphane to take the swelling down, The problem is he dont like the ibruapane (iv proberly spelt it wrong) he keeps spitting it out he has only had a couple of dosies of it..but he does seem a little better.His got to take the medication for about five days

Back to the subject of work:

On tuesday i went back to work, i felt bad leaving abdu as he still isnt very well, but it really didnt look good phoning in sick on my first day back and i didnt want to push it.  My boss said "its not good enough"   hay but what can you do i couldnt just leave him, i feel bad enough as it is,without dumping him when his sick....I work as a laundry assisant in a residental home for the old.. Everyone was pleased to see me and i knew why as soon as i got into the laundry. My shelves were full of stuff that wasnt there before i went on leave and have to some how clear it.... the problem is one of my work collegues like collecting things and getting rid of the stuff without her noticing,is like mission impossible. the manager has given me promission to sort the stuff.( keep the good get rid of the rest) But this still leave me with loads of bedding and curtains cluttering my shelves up and im not happy about it and i dont see them getting used any time soon.. it so annoying. another thing, i forgot is how hard it is working in the laundry.. I was baking hot hot i havent sweated to much for a long while, lus im fasting which makes it twice as hard, i ended up with an head ache for the rest of the day.;-( but alhamduliah i got through my first day but it was tough....i will have to see how things go, but i dont think im going to last the year to be honest.