Thursday, 30 June 2011


How is weaning going?

I am not enjoying the weaning process....I am just not comfortable with the mess it makes, but i know that its all part of the journey of parenthood.
Today Abdu wanted to feed himself so i tried to find him food that wasnt too messy. For tea i gave him broccoil,cauliflower and grapes...
This wasnt a messy deal, But he didnt manage to feed himself anything as he kept missing his mouth. plus when i drops the food he cant find it in the high as the table blocks his view, I am thinking of feeding him on the floor that way if the food drops he can find it to try again. god willing.

I  bought a plastic cover from poundland to caught his food so this could minimise the mess insha allah. one thing for sure.



Today I went to my friends house to spend some time having a chat and getting some Islamic inspiration with hadith. I had a really nice time it has been so long since i have seen anyone.
I need to try and arrange to see more people but it can be hard as everyone seems to be so busy getting on with their life's.
Sometimes i think its me.

Am i boring?
 I dont know,sometimes i think i am...
LOL I could be in a room full of people and the conversation could be flowing, and i come into the conversation and say something.
 The room will go silent as thou i had just said something wrong......Its such a weird feeling. everyone looking at you like your crazy..:-)
ALHAMDULIAH, that didnt happen today...Today was a good day. Abdu enjoyed the company of the other children, his A social Boy Mashallah.

Sometimes when i get advice...

Sometimes When I get advice

...............I dont like it.
I dont like what has been said
Or i dont agree with it....

They mean well,
But sometimes
I think, they are wrong.

Its not the best.
And i dont mean to offend
But Allah knows best.

And sometimes, the advice you get.
Is the right advice,
I just dont know it Yet

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Its been a long time!

I have just realized it has been a while since i have written in my blog.
 I have been a little bit busy, i have painted all of my doors in my flat and i have finished abdu'S bedroom alhamduliah. this took a couple of days and then i stayed at my moms until the smell settle down coz of the fumes.
Abdu is now sleeping in his room and he is learning how to crawl which is so exciting to watch mashallah, He was ill last week with an ear infection but alhamduliah he is better now.
I have started to make youtube videos again but i am not in the videos for religious reasons, I dont want to do anything to make Allah angry with me, even thou i know i do make mistake's every day.
I have been working on my scrapbook today which i really enjoy doing.


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