Thursday, 19 May 2011

Islamic fashion for the girls

 If your muslim these are Not to wear in front of men....
If your a non-muslim Enjoy.

I saw these clothes and I thought i would share them as they look really nice.

This top would be nice with some wide leg bottoms.
I love this skirt,this is some thing i would buy for myself.

I likre this top i think it is really pretty, it would go nice with the grey skirt at the bottom of the page or with the blue skirt.
This skirt is really pretty and would go well with a plain top.

these bottoms will go with anything which is great

This is a nice modest top.

this is a nice skirt that would go well with most tops

I got these pictures from

Monday, 16 May 2011

Starting all again

I was supposed to start my diet again a couple of days ago, but i have been naughty and i have not started it yet.  The thing that that i am finding the hardest is letting go of the coffee, i think it has something to do with the sugar i have with it, im finding it hard to stop drinking it but i have to be tough with myself and kick it in the butt.....

Tomorrow is a new day and a new srart.  Its going to be very tough but god willing, if i get through the first few days the rest will be easy... It is madness as i doing have that much to loose but it feels like i have a mountain to climb, i feel sorry for people who have 10 stone to loose because it must feel so much worse for them

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Allah is always with me

I feel as though
everyone has left me.
And i stand here alone.
But i am not alone,
my creator is with me,
he is everywhere i go.
When everyone has left me,
left me to feel all alone.
I know Allah is with me.
His always there,
helping along the way,
Helping me all the way.

They havent spoken to me in ages.
But Allah is always with me.
Even though i dont see him
I know his their.
Allah hu akbak
Allah hu akbar