Friday, 22 April 2011

loving the summer

This summer is great so far, the weather has been amazing mashallah
Abdu went to the health vistor the other day he has put on as much weight and they said not to wean him for another week at least. well I have started weaning him this week any way coz i think his ready for. No one knows your child as well as yourself and our creator who created him...
Also this week he has had his very first cold, bless him. his much better now alhamduliah he had a cold for about three or four days.

Here he is doing paper work.

On the way back from the doctors i took a picture of this tree i think its so pretty mashallah.
actually there are quite a lot of pretty flowers and trees around at the moment, this is why i love spring so much.

diet update week 12? i think


Im really happy i only have a stone and a half to loose now xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Baby sleep routine

I have deleted the post that was here to tell you the truth there is no easy answer on how to get your baby to sleep i will do a later blog on this When i figure it out.

 At the moment i just have a rountine of bath and bottle but actually getting him to sleep is another matter lol


To be honest i should do alot more of it.
 This is one of the most important ways of gaining knowlegde but yet many of us including myself do not do enough of it......
Reading is a good way of giving our brains a work out and can be a great source of knowlegde.

So why dont we like to read, there could be many reasons for this

* bordom.                                Why?    The tv is just as boring
* it doesnt intrest you.               Why?   when you can learn so much from it.
*laziness.                                  Why?   Is it because watching the tv is so much easier
* dont have time...                     Why?   when most of us waste are time doing things that
                                                             have no benefit at all

What is your excuse...
I know i need to make more of an effort insha allah. may allah make me strong and help me to enjoy reading ameen

Yeah like me writing blogs, I could be reading instead. (lol)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Detox Week


Now you mite think im crazy but i am going to do a detox diet this week..... NO CARBS
I know the last time i did this i was hungry all the time.This time i am going to have snacks inbetween my meals so i dont get hungry god willing.

I am doing this because one of my friends told me that you can loose up to half a stone a week doing this diet. So i am going to do it as an experiment, but i am going to do it with out the exercise god willing just to see how much you can loose doing this diet for just one week..

So Here is Day one plan to give you some idea of what the diet entails

Day 1

breakfast;             berry milkshake  Had cup of tea A hour later
Morning snack;     Tinned fruit with cinnimon with peppermint tea

lunch                     Lental soup with a glass of water

Afternoon snack    Babybel cheese with glass of water

Supper                  chilli con carne with vegetable with glass of water

Cup of tea at bed time

At the end of the week I will do an update on how it went....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Week 11 Weigh in i think?


This week i havent really stayed on the diet much i think, i have ate more carbs then usual but thanks to god it has done much damage....... This week i dont think i have lost any weight, but thats ok.;-)

This is what the scale said this week, so i think it is the same as last week.

I havent done what i said i would do on my last Blog...... I said i would start drinking more water and to exercise but i havent done that............. so this week i need to make a real effort. god willing...


ABDU has got his appointment next week for his five month update with the health vistor, this will be on tuesday god willing.
I took this picture this morning I couldnt resist as he looks so cute mashallah...... This morning he was
crying so i put him in the bed next to me and he
fell straight to sleep, this picture was taken a couple of hours later... Anyway when i have been to see the health vistor i will do an update god willing

Monday, 4 April 2011

Action plan for my Diet

I have decied to do an action plan because i feel a little dishearted by my diet. I have been loosing two pound a week and thats what i have been aiming for..... But i feel that i could do more.

I am Planning to change two things to help me loose a little more weight god willing.

1*    The first thing i need to do.... Cut down on the amount of tea that i drink, as i can drink up to ten cups a day...... I need to drink more water

2*   The next thing i need to do....I need to exercise three times a week for 10 to 15 mins

I am hoping that this mite help me loose a little extra weight god willing.

Exercises i could do.


Its going to be hard because I love my cups of tea's,but i need to cut them down to maybe 1 or 2 cups a day. Also with the exercise its going to be hard because i hate exercising, i find it so boring. but i have to make the effort to start exercising...

Let you know what happens god willing

Saturday, 2 April 2011

What did I eat today?

Banana milkshake
6ml Orange juice
4ml semi skimmed milk
tea spoon of flax seed
tea spoon of peanut butter
1 Banana


Lental soup
Two small onions
mixed frozen veg
salt,pepper and vineger
Just boil for half an hour
then put in the blender

Add maggie sauce when serving


Peri Chicken and mixed frozen veg
Chicken pre-spiced just roast in the oven
full power 15 mins on each side


5 cups of tea
1 water
1 cordiral
1 coffee with two sugars