Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This diet is driving me made

I have HAD it.... If i see another salad im going to scream. I have been having salad for lunch nearly every day since i started this diet,eight weeks ago. Their has got to be something else i can eat beside's salad, i am so bored with it, i think i mite go crazy.

I have been trying to have different salads, like one week i would have peppers with lettuce and tomatoes. then the week after that i would have cucumber,green leafly lettuce with spring onions and radish's.
But now i have just come to the point,when i have just had enough.

Has anyone got any ideas for a health lunch that doesnt include salad??????? PLEASE

I am not going to do my weigh in this week, i think i need a break......
The evening meals aint a problem, I have loads of differents foods for supper its just the lunch time meal that driving me mad.... i think its because i never really used to have a healthy lunch, I always would have fried egg or fried spicy beans and i used to love them. but now i have to think about what im eating and I cant have them anymore as they are very fatty meals..;-(  Well maybe once in a while...
I will be back next week god willing and back on track i hope ;-) xxxxx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Abdu Has just started teething over the last few weeks and his gums are driving him mad .he has been teething on his is hands and pretty much anything that is soft.

He loves chewing on his Muslim cloth and some of his favorite toys.
I have been using teething gel for his teeth, he doesnt like the taste of the bonjela,so i have bought him some from tesco's hopfully he will like that better god willing.
I have also bought him these teething dummys but he doesnt like them at the moment,As he keeps gagging on them so i think i will wait abit to try him again with them at a later date.

Here is the little man having some floor time ;-)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Diet so far


I started my diet 7 weeks ago, i was 12 stone and 3 pound. Each week seems to be getting hard. The diet i am on is a portion controlled diet where i use a smaller plate... at each meal i have to make sure i have a portion of carbs, veg and potein with each meal....

I now weigh 11 stone and 6 pounds which is great i only have three pound and i have lost a whole stone which im really excited about.....

I tried to upload my video for week seven and for some reason it has been saved as private and youtube wont let me change it so no one is going to see that video im afraid.....

Im thinking about making me videos unlisted coz im getting a load of men trying to add me as friends and i dont add men as friend so im finding it quite annoying.. breathe.........
anyway im going for now keep you up dated god willing

Monday, 21 March 2011

Abdu at Three months

This is Abdu in his moby wrap his old enough to face forward now as he can hold his head up now xxx
Here Is Abdu looking as cool as a cucumber.... I cant believe his three months already

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Three month post partum

I cant believe it three months already, it only seems like yesterday He was born.

He had His appointment today with the Health visitor Today. She didnt measures his head or body  which i found abit weird.... She did weigh him thou and he is 17 pounds mashallah... my mom was telling me on the phone today taht i didnt weigh that much until i was nine months old..... So i have got a big big baby...
He is beginning to get to grips with using his hands, He can pick things up and put them in his mouth, he even tried to hold his bottle the other day...He hasnt rolled over yet but i dont think he will be able to do that until the end of the fourth month god willing. He also can almost sit on his own but needs some support... also he is taking any intrest in his feet but cant get to them yet, which he get stressed about lol.
Look how cute he looks mashallah, His wearing the outfit i bought for half price, It was a bargin and it looks good on him  ;-)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

First two months of abdu's Life

Abdu at his naming do
Abdu at his nannys
One of his first giggles
Back at the naming do
Abdu in the kichen
Abdu out and about

My fav African Dish

I love This dish. This was the very first African
dish i ever tasted the only difference was
it had lamb in it instead..

try it i bet you will love it