Friday, 31 December 2010


bismi allah

Yesaday my little boy had his circumcision, it was nothing like what i was expecting, actually i was quite shocked how big the op is. i thought it was a tiny piece of skin that get cut but the actually remove some of the skin, im so dumb some times.
anyway Abdu was very good during the op and he only cried at the beginning but after that his was fine, when the anisetic ware off he started to cry for about an hour but afetr taht he was ok. iv just got to keep an eye on it to make sure it healing his sleepinf right now mashallah xxx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Breast Feeding


What can i say about breast feeding, i thought it would come to me so easy. its not easy at all, in fact my baby is nearly three weeks old and  im about ready to give up.
up to date he has not latched on properly or had a proper feed from the breast.  I have been pumping the milk to feed him and its hard work but alhamduliah at least his getting the good stuff. i think i well stop giving it to him in the next couple of weeks at least he has had some breast milk, my reason for doing this is because my breast milk is running out and i cant keep up with it... im supposed to expressin every two to three hours to keep my milk supply up but before i know it four to five hours has gone so its really not working for me. also im thinking about giving him the dummy has he has a habit of sucking his fingers and i dont want him to grow up doing it also its bad for his teeth.
its hard to believe i used to look down on women who didint breast feed but now i get it completely.

things i would have done differently given the chance (i know its god decree for me not to breast feed but these are the things i wish i had done)
* make sure i get skin to skin contact straight away... this didnt happen because he had poo in this water so they had to take him to check he was ok.
* not to bottle feed and to cup feed instead
*stay in hospital longer to make sure i got the feeding right
i gave up in the hospital coz i wanted to go home

.. any way im going for now